Our Best Sony Hi8 Camcorder Yet!

Our Best Sony Hi8 Camcorder Yet!

Have a bunch of old Hi8 tapes? Need to transfer them to your computer or digitized them? We have introduced our "plug-and-play" solution - the DCR-TRV240 Sony Hi8 Camcorder 8mm Video Player kit.

DCR-TRV240 Sony 8mm Camcorder

This Hi8 player comes with everything you need to to transfer your old Hi8 tapes to digital format. Just connected the DCR-TRV240 Sony 8mm camcorder to your computer with the included firewire cable and you are all set to transfer your Hi8 tapes through this Sony 8mm camcorder!

Free Shipping!

Two-Year Warranty!

Easy to Use!

Compatible with ALL Hi8, 8mm, and Digital8 tapes!

The DCR-TRV240 Sony 8mm Camcorder is truly a game changer for those looking for an EASY and RELIABLE do-it-yourself digitizing of your old Hi8 tapes!

Mar 14th 2019 DSB Electronics

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