Sony Hi8 Camcorder DCR-TRV530 * Sony 8mm Camcorder Hi8 Player Handycam Hi8 Camera

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  • The Sony DCR-TRV530 Handycam is the perfect size
  • The Sony DCR-TRV530 Handycam is the perfect size
  • Sony Hi8 Camcorder DCR-TRV530 * Sony 8mm Camcorder Hi8 Player Handycam Hi8 Camera
  • Comes with the battery, charger, and RCA cable.
  • Use the included IEEE 1394 FireWire to transfer video to your computer.
  • The Sony DCR-TRV530 Handycam is the perfect size
MSRP: $689.95
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Sony Hi8 Camcorder DCR-TRV530 * Sony 8mm Camcorder Hi8 Player Handycam Hi8 Camera

  • Compatible with all Hi8, Digital8, 8mm tapes. The Sony Hi8 Camcorder Handycam 8mm Camcorder DCR-TRV530 will playback any Hi8 or Digital8 or Video8 or 8mm . . . you name it, and it will play it back. This 8mm camcorder model is reverse compatible and designed specifically for use with all formats of tapes that are Hi8/Digital8 making it a versatile 8mm video player.
  • Connects to your computer to transfer your videos. You can use the included FireWire (IEEE 1394) cable to connect this Sony 8mm camcorder to your computer to transfer your tapes to your computer (Pinnacle video capture software is compatible with this Sony 8mm video camera).
  • Plays back video on your TV. Use the included RCA (the red, yellow, white) cable to connect to any television to play your tapes from the Sony 8mm camcorder onto the TV. No setup is required. Easy to use. This 8mm video player is used great as a Hi8 player.
  • High-quality playback and recording. Designed with an impressive 640k gross imaging pixels and a 25x optical zoom. Playback on the 3.5" color LCD screen makes viewing your tapes with this Hi8 player a breeze.
  • One of the most reliable Sony camcorders. We guarantee you will be completely satisfied with the DCR-TRV530 Sony Hi8 Camcorder Handycam 8mm Camcorder. Our certified refurbished Sony 8mm video player comes with a full two year warranty.
  • Use this 8mm Player as a Night Vision Camcorder. Many customers use the advanced night vision camcorder mode on this Sony Hi8 camera. This Sony Handycam Hi8 video player functions great as a night vision camcorder!

The Sony Hi8 Camcorder Handycam 8mm Camcorder DCR-TRV530 camcorder is one of the best options to transfer your old Hi8/Digital8 tapes to your computer or to use this as a Sony Handycam Digital8 Player to watch your tapes on your TV as a Hi8 player. The DCR-TRV530 comes with everything you need (battery, charger, cables) to effortlessly digitize your tapes with your video capturing software - the primary use of this 8mm tape player! This Sony Hi8 camcorder is compatible with tapes that say Hi8, Digital8, D8, 8mm, Super8, or Video8. Just take a look at your video cassette . . . if you see any of those words (Hi8, Digital8, D8, 8mm, Super8, or Video8), then yes, this Sony Handycam will playback your tapes. 

The included battery gives you at least 120 minutes on a single charge to use your Sony 8mm video camera, while the included AC adapter/charger allows for continued use of the Sony 8mm video camera while plugged into an outlet. The included RCA cable (the red, yellow, and white one) plugs the Sony 8mm camcorder directly into the television while the included IEEE 1394 Firewire will plug the Sony 8mm video player directly into your computer's Firewire port.

The Sony Hi8 Camcorder DCR-TRV530 video camcorder is one of the most reliable 8mm camcorders that Sony made. This Digital8 camcorder is certified refurbished and comes with an unlimited 180-day warranty.

Sony Hi8 Camcorder DCR-TRV530 * Sony 8mm Camcorder Hi8 Player Handycam Hi8 Camera


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Our certified refurbished camcorders are guaranteed to be one of the most reliable refurbished camcorders in the world. If you are not fully satisfied, for any reason, just return your camcorder within two years of your purchase for a full refund or a new replacement. We'll even pay for shipping - both ways!

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Product Specs

Media Format:
Hi8, Video8, Digital8
Optical Zoom:
LCD Screen Size:
3.5 in.
Image Stabilization:
Mic Port:
i.Link DV (IEEE 1394), USB, 3.5mm A/V
Battery Life:
130 min.
Gross Resolution Pixels:
Sensor Size:
1/6 in.
Accessory Shoe:
Will it work with my tapes?:
That's a great question! This is one of Sony's advanced Digital8 camcorders - it will work with all 8mm tapes. That includes tapes that say Hi8, Digital8, Super8, Video8, or just 8. Still not sure, just give us a call at 1-877-283-1672.
How do I know it will work?:
We guarantee it will! This camcorder is certified refurbished. Every function - literally, every function - has been tested, serviced, and certified to be fully functional. This camcorder is better than new.
What condition is it in?:
Mechanically, this camcorder is in perfect condition. Cosmetically, it is like new and in great condition. You will think you have a brand new camcorder.
I'm nervous about online ordering, can I place my order over the phone?:
Absolutely! Our online checkout is 100% secure, or you can call our customer service team 24/7 - give us a call at 1-877-283-1672.
What's included with the camcorder?:
AC Adapter/Charger, Battery, IEEE 1394 iLink Cable, 3.5mm AV Cable, USB Cable, & Warranty
Camcorder Best For:
Hi8/Digital8 Tape Playback and Transfer
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5 Reviews

  • 5

    Posted by Jeremy D. on Mar 14th 2019

    Thank you - this is just what I needed to make my tapes digital. Great find!

  • 5

    Posted by Andrea J. on Mar 14th 2019

    This is an excellent buy. I bought 3 of the TRV 30 series camcorders and found this to be the best just because it has a bigger display LCD3.5" and it is moderately priced. I think the picture quality is much better than the 230 or the 330 which were the other two.
    I do agree that the still shots could have been much better to print. But overall, the graininess of pictures is much less than that on the 230 or 330.
    I do not know about the higher end ones like 930 etc. But this one is value for money.

  • 5
    Transferring Tapes

    Posted by Mary P. on Mar 14th 2019

    Really love this camera. Colors and detail are very nice. Using it for DV to computer editing; Putting 12 minutes of footage of my kids in Mpeg2, burning to a CD and sending to relatives. Firewire functionality great. In low light it's grain is there and it hunts a bit in autofocus but with good light it's great.

  • 3

    Posted by James M. on Mar 14th 2019

    Okay - I think it's complicated to use, but I'm not up on all this stuff.

  • 5
    Big Screen

    Posted by Esther P. on Mar 9th 2019

    My grandson wanted one of the old-school camcorder as he calls them. This was exactly what he wanted. He loves the big screen. Its great for him to record videos on.

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